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3 min readMay 25, 2020


Hello, supporters of Molecular Future:

It’s the 123rd issue of Molecular Future Weekly! The project is carrying on tests in many ways, including website and mobile. The updated content in APP and website will be released soon! In this weekly issue, we will present you the hotpot information.

Best Fund this week

XBTING Foundation ETF Fund (USDT)

Initial net worth (February 19th, 2019) 1

Latest net worth (10th April, 2020) 1.5464

Total increase +54.6%

Tech Development

Research and development (D&R) of MOS public chain P2P layer consensus algorithm

Support the new version of Solidity contract

Improve SDK development framework support such as Buffle and MOS.js

Industry Information

MOS yellow paper had been released on May 20th.

At 16:00 on May 20th, Molecular Future released MOS Yellow Paper and launched MOS official website. According to the Yellow Paper, MOS main chain will use the PBFT + Raft + VRF consensus algorithm, which enables the MOS main chain to have extremely short confirmation times and low energy consumption public chain characteristics while maintaining extremely high security. With the help of a random algorithm with a small amount of calculation and almost no delay, the MOS main chain can have a great breakthrough in scalability.

MOS-Mega Operation System is the world’s leading financial public chain built by Molecular Future, providing stable and reliable decentralized digital asset financial services for global users.

MOS official Websit:

Goldman Sachs convenes Bitcoin meeting

Multinational investment banking giant Goldman Sachs will hold a Bitcoin conference call for its customers on May 27. The news was revealed by Mike Dudas of The Block on Friday, and he shared an invitation to the conference on “Inflation, Current Strategies for Gold and Bitcoin” on May 27. Although Goldman Sachs’s conference call has not yet taken place, and it is unclear what the company will say about Bitcoin, many people in the field regard the news as a positive sign.

Product introduction

Molecular Future is jointly invested by Molecular Group, Eagle Fund, Hong Kong Capital Fund, XBTING Foundation, HCASH Foundation, and Bank of China Capital. The platform uses stable and secure blockchain technology and connects with the world’s top financial quantification teams to provide users with efficient and convenient financial services.

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