How will MOS revolutionise the financial industry?

Fintech is the technology and innovation that help the financial industry to continuously improve allocations of resources. Every financial revolution in human history is closely related to technological innovation. From traditional finance to Internet finance, and then to blockchain finance, all are based on security conditions, with the financial industry’s operating cost reduction and capital turnover efficiency as the appeal, so that the information capacity can meet the decision requirements, so as to continuously improve customer service levels and enhance market competitiveness. The new financial products, new business models, new service methods, new financial and economic interaction models that have emerged in the market during the process of reform are also considered as a new type of financial institutions.

As one of the core financial technologies, blockchain has once again set off a wave of revolution in the financial field . MOS (Mega Operation System) ,the world’s leading blockchain project dedicated to financial industry. Based on this, MOS will initiate a tremendous change in the financial field.

What is MOS ?

MOS is a decentralized financial public blockchain developed by Molecular Future team. It will provide users with comprehensive cryptocurrency liquidity management services such as spot transactions, contract transactions, data analysis, cryptocurrency financing, and crypto asset management on a global scale. With the technical advantages of layered consensus, P2P network optimization, multiple account models and PoC storage proof, MOS will become a stable, efficient and credible financial public blockchain project.

MOS application fields

The financial industry has the characteristics of low trust among participants and high requirements for the integrity and completeness of transaction records, which is very consistent with the characteristics of MOS financial public blockchain applications. Therefore, MOS has a wealth of application fields in the financial services industry, including supply chain finance, asset securitization, credit reporting, and risk control. Moreover, MOS can not only serve commercial transactions in practical applications, it can also be used to deal with value transfer in a broader sense. And these tasks are precisely the core areas of finance in practice, which will bring great convenience to the financial industry, and its main scope of influence covers the payment and settlement of the banking industry, wealth management investment, risk control, credit; fund industry fund sales and Consignment sales; securities trading, investment consulting and asset management, issuance, underwriting in the securities industry; insurance sales, after-sales claims, actuarial and product pricing in the insurance industry.

MOS is not only reforming the financial infrastructure, but also playing a synergistic role from supervision, trading, and credit investigation. For example, in the traditional financial environment, supervision is managed in the form of data reported by various business organizations, which will cause many disadvantages, such as: corporate “black box” operations and delayed decision-making. However, in the MOS financial public chain system, through information transparency and penetration, and some advantages of regional centralization, the supervisory authority can grasp all business information at the first time.

Future of MOS

Financial underlying public chain of MOS public chain is equivalent to the infrastructure of the blockchain financial industry. Due to the important position of the public chain, its development space and demand are very large. Only when the underlying financial public chain is solid, stable, and efficient, can blockchain financial business applications develop and land. It is foreseeable that after the launch of the world’s leading public chain MOS , under the strong demand for blockchain of financial services, a large number of blockchain financial applications in various financial subdivisions will burst on the MOS chain. These blockchain financial applications will be built into a financial integration MOS ecosystem without borders, close ties, mutual penetration, and mutual promotion .

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Molecular Future is committed to creating a global one-stop digital asset investment service platform.

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Molecular Future

Molecular Future is committed to creating a global one-stop digital asset investment service platform.