How to Survive Bear Market (2)


Lok, CMO of Molecular Group, entered the market in 2013 and witnessed the fluctuation of BTC, buying at the price about 3000RMB as well as 900RMB when it started to slump. To a certain extent, he is an experienced crypto investor.

How to survive bear market?

Back in 2013, few derivative product is available for investors. Either buy or sell could they choose especially when it came the bear market. So when BCT collapsed falling from 8000RMB to about 900RMB in 2015, investors were so helpless. It was difficult to keep HODLing the coin since the only thing you can rely on is your own belief in BTC. Fortunately, futures contract and margin trading came out later enriched the market.

Status quo

Digital currency and related industries have experienced a prosperous development for almost a decade, and the demand for specialized, large-scale, standardized asset management institutions and supporting institutions by digital currency investors is increasing. There are professional funds and unprofessional investors to create new games in the market. For a new market, more and more different people should participate in order to break through and forward the development.


Closing position right now is not recommended in bear market. We can learn from the price history of BTC, ETH, EOS that the mainstream tokens are of good liquidity and derivative products with more possibility to appreciate. So it probably better to exchange project tokens into major cryptocurrencies if not much asset is in hand or the ICO project you invested has no more progress.

Analysis of Yuebao-similar products

Normally, people will take exchange as their prior choice to deposit cryprocurrency in, while wallet follows as the second before considering popular asset management platform and quantitative team. So let’s see what’s the difference among them.




Digital currency wallet is a tool for storing, managing, and transferring digital currency, and is one of the diversion portals for the digital currency industry. imToken supports the decentralized trading platform Tokenlon in the international version 2.0 and provides flash-exchange. Different from Imtoken, digital currency wallets such as Circle, KCash and CoinMeet create a one-stop management service system, support multiple digital currency asset types, and realize multiple functions such as payment and exchange. The wallet can be connected to exchange’s API to provide users with simple and convenient functions. On the other hand, the wallet represented by KCash has a self-built platform, embedded current and fixed investment products. Digital assets on the platform can be quickly and freely transferred and exchanged internally.

About Molecular Future


Molecular Future is jointly invested by China Fortune(00110.HK), Eagles Fund, TGN, Molecular Group, XBTING Foundation, HCASH and CollinStar Capital, focusing on blockchain application and digital asset management.


Molecular Future has been to many different cities for its roadshows, and has won some rewards in the industry.


Molecular Future keeps making progress. From the very beginning of publishing white paper to the latest launch of APP Version 1.5 and now preparation of Version 2.0 is under process. We are always striving to be a better one-stop digital asset management platform.

Three major sectors of Molecular Future

1. Invest: Meet different risk appetite financial needs

Platform Token MOF

MOF has 6 major usages, which will be further developed into a more comprehensive ecosystem.



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Molecular Future

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