AMA Session with Molecular Future Team

1、What is the total supply of Molecular Future?

100 Million

2、How was the project funded, did you have some private investors?

Invested by Molecular Group, MOF raised US$20 million. It was invested by a number of venture capitals and listed companies.

3、What is MOS yellow paper?

A Yellow Paper is an academic research type paper that explains the technical details of a proposed blockchain. In this case, it reveals more light on our public chain MOS.

4、Is MOF listed on OKEx?

Yes, MOF has been listed on OKEx for quite some time.

5、How the molecular fission works exactly?

Molecular Fission is another financial function available on the Molecular Future app. Users only need to lock MOF tokens into the platform to participate in Molecular Fission.

Every day, these users will get a random income through a random interest rate formula, with an annualized interest rate ranging from 6% -10%.

6、Do I need an ID card to register?

Registration requires phone number or email. However, for KYC process, it requires Chinese resident ID card or passport ID card.

7、Share with us your new feature roadmaps and plan for marketing and advertisng since that is quite important role of crypto. New staking system will be active, is there any chance to make some good interest rates on MOF?

Please refer to Molecular Future official website for the roadmaps details. We have planned for the marketing and adverting, which we have faith in bringing more benefits for our users on Molecular Future APP.

8、MOF is pumping and dumping, and it started on exchange in 2017 but why does it still need more investors?

Dumping and pumping is unpredictable, which depends on the market. MOF started on exchange in 2017, it is jointly invested by Molecular Group, Eagle Fund, Hong Kong Capital Fund, XBTING Foundation, HCASH Foundation, and Bank of China Capital.

9、What does the mortgage product look like?

You can find the mortgage product on Molecular Future APP. Mortgage requires more than 1,000 MOF on the account, and should complete the real-name authentication, then sets the fund password, and remembers to bind the bank card to start your mortgage.

Molecular Future is committed to creating a global one-stop digital asset investment service platform.