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On the afternoon of March 19th, Jason Christopher, CTO of Molecular Future, joined the MOF WeChat community, and answered questions from members of the community in detail, as well as interacted with MOF fans in the Wechat community.

(The following is the AMA serial part Q & A content)

Host: Welcome! Jason, can you briefly introduce Molecular Future?

Jason: Sure. Molecular Future is an international investment platform. At present, the team has more than 60 people, 40 people in China, 11 people in South Korea, and 15 people in overseas teams, distributed in different countries. MOF is an investment and wealth management platform, with funds settled by the foundation, and loans by users. After upgrading the public chain, we strive to build MOF to become the world’s number one financial public chain. We will also access the decentralized trading system and MT5 operating system in the future to promote more landing applications.

Host: Under the double blow of the global epidemic and the oil price crisis, various international financial markets have melted, and the price of Bitcoin has plummeted. What impact will the current situation have on MOF and how will the MOF team respond to this situation?

Jason: First of all, various factors such as the outbreak have had a significant impact on global financial markets, including digital currencies. Many countries’ stock markets have melted down, and even the US stock market has broken down four times in recent days. Even Buffett said that “I only saw this situation when I am 89 years old.” The collapse of the global financial market has also caused the digital currency market to plummet, and the broader market has fallen sharply, but it has not caused a serious blow to the fund products of Molecular Future. At present, according to the data, most of the fund’s net value is still above 1 and is in a profitable state.

Host: What are the reasons for the team’s funds to remain profitable in this situation?

Jason: The reason why fund products remain profitable is due to the accurate judgment of fund managers on financial market trends and the rational use of various financial instruments. For example, fund managers can hedge the risk of the market’s decline by shorting to maintain a steady increase in the fund’s net worth.

Host: In addition to the recently listed on Bittrex, does the Molecular Future team consider any exchanges? Are there plans for mainland China or overseas?

Jason: Generally speaking, where we do event promotion, we will be exposed to local exchanges there. These two are related. Like our previous promotion in Europe, we launched the European platform FriproOÜ. In China, we have now listed OKEX, Coinw, BiKi and other exchanges. Of course, we will also consider continuing to negotiate with more exchanges in China and strive to bring MOF to more well-known exchanges in order to enhance the liquidity of the MOF market.

Host: For the development and survival of all crypto projects, it is usually necessary for the project to increase the price above the currency price to make the project profitable, and the recent MOF price trend is not ideal. What methods does the team plan to make the project profitable and long-term development?

Jason: Our team respects the market rules. The market has its own adjustment mechanism. We do not interfere with the market. Currently, MOF shows 55,935 MOF holding addresses on the Erherscan browser. With the acceleration of our expansion, MOF will continue to reflect its circulation value.

Host: What is the future promotion plan of Molecular Future?

Jason: Our products are very good, but more people need to know that we have been working hard to promote in Europe, South Korea and other regions. In the future, we will invest more in the community to promote operations and let more people understand our platform Knowing MOF and using our wealth management apps to make MOF enhance market liquidity is also the goal of our team this year.

Host: Just now you mentioned the Molecular Future products, can you introduce the function of Molecular Fission?

Jason: Well, Molecular Fission is an online wealth management section in the Molecular Future APP, which is specifically open to MOF holders. Users only need to recharge MOF into the platform to participate in molecular fission. Every day, they can get a random income through a random interest rate formula, with an annualized interest rate ranging from 6% -10%. In addition, after the Molecular public chain goes online, we will use Molecular Fission and other Molecular Future financial products to go on-chain to achieve asset traceability and data transparency.

Host: What is the Molecular public chain and how is the development progress?

Jason: The progress of the public chain is currently in an orderly manner. Super ministry appointments have been opened and applications from many institutions have been received. The ministry is an important way to conduct community governance by domain, and is also an important link in our public chain project. The progress is very smooth now, and the public chain is expected to be upgraded next year. Our team is working hard to build the molecule to become the industry’s first financial public chain in the future.

Host: The second-quarter repurchase mentioned earlier, but the repurchase plan has not been announced yet. Do you still have a repurchase plan?

Jason: MOF will usher in a big explosion in the next two years. Our team is very confident to do a good job of this project. The repurchase program is currently under negotiation by the team, but our focus is currently on South Korea, Europe and other For regional promotion, if our team discusses the approved plan, we will also make an announcement and report to everyone in the community.

Host: The recent discussions on DeFi (Decentralized Finance) in the industry are very heated. Can you talk about DeFi?

Jason: DeFi has always been one of the applications of Bitcoin. Take cross-border payments as an example. When a person sends money to someone in another country, they usually need to find a financial institution to complete the payment task, but the financial institution will charge a certain fee in return. But DeFi can de-intermediate the entire remittance process. He sends digital currency directly from his wallet to the recipient, without the need for financial institutions to provide intermediary services.

In addition to payment, DeFi’s application forms also include borrowing, decentralized exchanges, Molecular Future wealth management products, and EXN decentralized exchanges that have not yet been listed in the white paper are our practice in the DeFi field.

Host: I believe that the Molecular Future will also stand out in the field of DeFi in the future. Finally, can you tell us about the future planning and outlook of MOF?

Jason: Okay. As I said just now, we will create an industry-first financial public chain for the Molecular Future. Our plan for this year is to gradually complete the creation of Molecular Future subdomains and supersets, integrate the octahedral Byzantine fault tolerance algorithm into the Molecular Future subdomain design, and complete the development of consensus protocols. After completing the MOS upgrade test for the Molecular Future financial public chain, perform the MOF to MOS token upgrade test. Finally, I would like to thank the MOF community for their support and trust in the operation team. The team must live up to expectations, uphold the original intention and achieve our common goals.

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