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4 min readJan 19, 2021

Hello, friends of Molecular Future:

Here comes the 156th issue of Molecular Future Weekly with the continuous reports of industry news and hot topic. “MOF Conservative Fund” is in full swing! For more details, please check the official notifications.

Recommended Fund this week

MOF Conservative Fund

Closed period: 6 months

Product Type: Term Fund

Annual rate: 30%

Starting investment: 100 MOF

Keep up with Molecular Future

The Alpha Strategic Quantitative Fund has ended its subscription on November 13, 2020 and entered the return period. As of January 17, 2021, the latest net value of Alpha Strategic Quantitative Fund is 1.1320.

As of January 17, the block height of the MOScan blockchain explorer has reached 13 million, and the TPS is stable at 1000+, peak at 1500+.

Tech Development


Fixed bugs

Optimized structure and efficiency tuning

Optimized transaction progress

MOS Financial Public Chain

Optimized the mechanism for checking pending transactions

Solve problems during stress testing and optimize code

Optimized log cleanup scripts to make the system more secure

The block height has reached 13 million

Industry Information

Osprey Funds launched the Bitcoin Trust Fund with a management fee of a quarter of the Grayscale.

It was reported on January 16 that Osprey Funds, a digital asset subsidiary of REX Shares, launched the “Osprey Bitcoin Trust (OBTC)” in the off-the-counter market, charging a management fee of 0.49%. Fidelity digital assets will provide hosting services. OBTC costs about a quarter of its main competitor, the Greyscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), which charges 2% and is worth $28 billion. The minimum amount for eligible investors to buy the Osprey Bitcoin trust is $25,000. Before it was sold on the secondary market, the trust had a one-year ban on sale. Greg King, chief executive of Osprey Funds, said that the company expects to try to reduce this period to six months.

Numbers: Defi’s total lockup on Ethereum is $31.63 billion

According to data, as of 16:00 today, the total lockup volume of DEFI protocol on Ethereum is about $31.63 billion, up 3.9% from the previous quarter. The current top three deals in terms of lockup are WBTC $4.22 billion (+0.69%), Maker $4.07 billion (+6.18%) and Uniswap V2 $3.13 billion (+4.05%).

App Data Overview

Product introduction

Molecular Future is jointly invested by Molecular Group, Eagle Fund, Hong Kong Capital Fund, XBTING Foundation, HCASH Foundation, and Bank of China Capital. The platform uses stable and secure blockchain technology and connects with the world’s top financial quantification teams to provide users with efficient and convenient financial services.

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