149th Weekly Report of Molecular Future

Hello, friends of Molecular Future:

Here comes the 149th issue of Molecular Future Weekly with the continuous reports of industry news and hot topic. The “Alpha Strategic Quantitative Fund” has ended its subscription on November 13, and the current net value income is 1.0432. For more details, please check the official notifications.

Recommended Fund this week

Alpha Strategic Quantitative Fund

Subscription time: 2020/11/3 10:00 (HKT)

Quantitative Strategy: Alpha Strategy (Conservative)

Purchase Limit: 50,000 USDT / person

Expected Return: More than 10% annualized rate of return
(The expected return is calculated based on the historical performance of the strategy and does not represent the final return of the fund.)

Keep up with Molecular Future

The Alpha Strategic Quantitative Fund has ended its subscription on November 13 and entered the return period. As of November 30, the latest net value of Alpha Strategic Quantitative Fund is 1.0432.

Tech Development


Fixed bugs

Optimized transaction caching and transaction processing procedures to improve system transaction processing performance

Optimized the user interface logic and deployment process

MOS Financial Public Chain

Completed the delay reduction rate test, with the reduction rate up to 30%

Added support for UDP communication protocol, enabled compression options, improved TPS, and improved network stability

The number of virtual machines has increased to 400, and the number of simulated users on the testnet has increased to 50,000

Conducted VRF transaction confirmation test

Optimized and upgraded consensus mechanism

Optimized the acquisition of news about VBFT consensus proposals

Data display and filtering logic optimization of transfer module

Optimized tree graph advanced consensus algorithm

The block height has reached 9.2 million

Industry Information

Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine releases cryptocurrency education network program

According to reports, the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation has released a series of online programs to educate citizens about cryptocurrency, blockchain and Bitcoin. The show premiered on Wednesday and is part of the Ukrainian government’s “Diia.Digital” education program. Allegedly, the audience will receive a certificate of completion after watching all the episodes. This initiative is one of the measures taken by the Ukrainian government to promote the country’s digital literacy. Previously, the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation had asked for clearer regulations on the country’s cryptocurrency business.

The Uniswap community has created a formal governance proposal regarding the extension of liquidity mining proposal

According to reports, the Uniswap community’s second-stage consensus check (ConsensusCheck) on the extension of liquidity mining proposal has ended. In the end, the proposal passed with a support rate of over 90%. The proposal will enter the final on-chain voting stage for the formal governance proposal. The proposal proposes to retain all liquid mining pools and reduce the total monthly UNI allocation by half, from 10 million UNIs per month to 5 million UNIs per month. Specifically, the proposal proposes to extend the liquidity mining plan for two months, and continue to provide WBTC/ETH (1.67 million UNI), USDC/ETH (1.25 million UNI), USDT/ETH (1.25 million UNI) each month UNI) and DAI/ETH (830,000 UNI) provide liquidity mining rewards.

App Data Overview

Product introduction

Molecular Future is jointly invested by Molecular Group, Eagle Fund, Hong Kong Capital Fund, XBTING Foundation, HCASH Foundation, and Bank of China Capital. The platform uses stable and secure blockchain technology and connects with the world’s top financial quantification teams to provide users with efficient and convenient financial services.

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