120th Weekly Report of Molecular Future

Hello, friends and supporters of Molecular Future:

It’s the 120th issue of Molecular Future Weekly! The project is carrying on tests in many ways, including website and mobile. The updated content in APP and website will be released soon! In this weekly issue, we will present you the hotpot information.

Best Fund this week

XBTING Foundation ETF Fund (USDT)

Initial net worth (February 19th, 2019) 1

Latest net worth (10th April, 2020) 1.5464

Total increase. +54.6%

Tech Development

Molecular Fission database document writing

Core technology R&D for Molecular trading system-MT5

SDK debugging of APP currency mortgage section

Function optimization of Molecular Fission section

Industry Information

Founder of Weiss Ratings: Bitcoin halving will soon trigger a massive crypto frenzy

Martin Weiss, the founder of the crypto rating agency Weiss Ratings, said recently that the halving of Bitcoin will soon trigger a massive crypto frenzy, pushing the price of Bitcoin and other excellent tokens to a historical high. This incident was written in the code, and no government, organization or individual can stop it. Every time the halving occurred before, it will trigger a long-term crypto bull market and create a lot of wealth for investors.

It is reported that Bitcoin is expected to start halving production on May 12, 2020 Hong Kong time.

Product introduction

Molecular Future is jointly invested by Molecular Group, Eagle Fund, Hong Kong Capital Fund, XBTING Foundation, HCASH Foundation, and Bank of China Capital. The platform uses stable and secure blockchain technology and connects with the world’s top financial quantification teams to provide users with efficient and convenient financial services.

Twitter: molecular_cc

Telegram: https://t.me/molecularfutureofficial

Molecular Future Official Website:


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